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Dublin Area Guide & Description

You are generally best staying in the city centre. It is quite small in comparison to other major cities which means that you can walk to and from most visitor attractions.

You may get cheaper accommodation outside the city centre but unless you have your own transport, what you save on the room cost, you will waste on taxis & buses. In addition, Taxis can be difficult to get, particularly if you are coming home late on a Friday or Saturday night!

Temple Bar is on the south side of the river, but we have given it it's own category because so many folks ask for it specifically. Temple Bar is a great spot to visit but it gets noisy at night, hotel accommodation is both expensive and it can be difficult to get availability, particularly at weekends.

Dublin is a small city so we would strongly suggest that you consider hotels outside Temple Bar although still within the city centre. You will save money, get a better nights sleep, find it much easier to get availability & still be within a short walking distance of everything that you want to see. The two areas that we have defined as City Centre South and City Centre North both have a lot of attractions & nice hotels.

Whilst our public transport system leaves a lot to be desired, the service is fairy good on the main arterial routes to and from the city. The hotels that we have selected outside the centre are all accessible either by bus or the DART ( Suburban Rail System). It is a different story late at night, particularly on Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays. Waiting hours for a taxi or having to walk miles to your hotel late at night can be a very sobering experience!

The main hotel district outside the centre is south of the centre around Ballsbridge which is a beautiful part of the city and very accessible by foot or using public transport. It is about 20 minutes walk from Stephen's Green and is a good alternative to the centre if you are looking for somewhere quiet or if you can't get somewhere in the centre itself.

Dublin Airport is on the north side of the city about 25 minutes drive from the centre. We have picked out two hotels that located about 15 minutes by bus coming from the centre to the airport. It can be useful if you are arriving late or leaving area.

If you have a car with you, there is a good selection of hotels outside the centre which can be an option. Outside the city, parking is easier and cheaper. As a general rule, if you are coming to Dublin and don't need the car, leave it at home. We have the most efficient and enthusiastic parking wardens, wheel clampers & tow away merchants in the western world.

If you are here on business or visiting friends / relations, then the location of the folks that you are coming to see may have an impact on your choice of location. In this case, our suggestion is that you give us a call & we will be happy to recommend the best hotel to meet your requirements in terms of accessibility, grade, facilities & budget. If you have come across other hotels that you want to find out about or if you want to check availability, please feel free to contact us on the toll-free numbers below or use the search engine above.