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Dublin Price Guide

As you explore this site, you will see that we have given approximate prices for most of the hotels featured. Hotels featured in the Economy Hotels section are priced at a level under Euro 130.00 per room for two persons sharing. However, if you are coming to Dublin at a weekend, you are unlikely to get availability at this price level unless you plan your trip well in advance.

As a general rule if you want a fairly nice hotel in a good location, expect to pay between EUR 100 & EUR130.00 per room for 2 people ( Incl. Breakfast) midweek in the off peak season.

At weekends there is no off peak season and you should budget for about EUR130.00 to EUR140.00 per night (EUR 70.00 to EUR90.00 per person based on two persons sharing a room!). Book well in advance and you will get a better deal.

By staying outside the centre, you may save a little but please remember that it can be difficult getting a taxi late at night and what you save on accommodation may be used up with taxi fares

If you have come across other hotels that you want to find out about or if you want to check availability, please feel free to contact us on the toll-free numbers below or use the search engine above.