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Day Trips from Dublin

One of the most popular day trips is Glendalough in Co. Wicklow. The English name Glendalough comes from the Irish Gleann Dá Locha which translates to "The valley of the two lakes".  It was here that St. Kevin founded a monastery in the sixth century. The settlement expanded for 600 years and was destroyed in 1398. The surviving buildings date from the 8th and 12th centuries. The most famous is the round tower which stands 34m high and 16m in circumference at the base. A cathedral, stone churches and decorated crosses also survived.

Powerscourt Estate and Gardens
This scenic estate is located south of Dublin in the Wicklow Mountains. The formal gardens, ornamental lakes and terraces of Powerscourt Estate and Gardens span approximately 45 acres - the magnificent gardens are the main attraction. The estate home still stands, but the interior was destroyed by a massive fire in 1974.

This megalithic passage tomb located in Co. Meath is just over an hour's drive from Dublin city. Newgrange is steeped in history, the tomb was built around 3200 BC. Newgrange is the largest and most popular tomb with visitors to Ireland. There are however two other tombs close by known as Knowth and Dowth.