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Dublin County Guide

If you are coming to Dublin and you specifically want to stay somewhere outside the city area, then the reason for your visit is probably one of the following: You are coming on business and you need to be near a particular company or industrial area; You are visiting friends or relations and you want to be near them( or far away from them!);

You are arriving late or heading out early the following day and want to be on the main road to / from somewhere outside Dublin; You are on a tight budget and think that you are going to save money by staying in the middle of nowhere! Whatever your reason, the staff at our offices all live in Dublin and we know the city fairly well. We will be delighted to discuss your requirements with you and to recommend the best hotel.

If there are other hotels that you want to find out about or if you want to check availability, please feel free to call us on the tollfree numbers below or use our search engine above.

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